The Only Nutritional Supplement To OVERCOME  Back Pain, Joint Pain And Arthritis Problems In Just Few days

How A Rare Supplement Made From Natural Herbs..... Melted Away My Arthritis of 9 Years in 31 Days, Stopped All The Back Aches… 

Dear Friend Living With Body Pains Or Arthritis.

  • Do you experience EXCRUCIATING body pains
  • Are You In UNEXPLAINABLE Pains Caused by Arthritis? 
  • Are You Willing to Say GOODBYE to your Bone-Crushing pains, Without Spending Your Life Saving On Surgery?


“Ready To Be FREE of Pains & Annoying Bodily Aches Without Spending Thousand’s of Cedis on a physiotherapist?”

If your answer was a BIG “YES” then I advice you to read this article to the very end now.

Before I go on, I want to ask you something……

“Do you remember back when you didn’t have arthritis…how free you could walk… you could hold things, do things ON YOUR OWN  without going through all those annoying pain you CURRENTLY pass through now?”

Why Did I Say So?

This is Because, after reading this article, you’ll discover exactly how to easily return to that arthritis-free person you were some few years or months back.

Let’s be candid…

Arthritis can be very painful and ANNOYING…we know that already. “It’s so painful?

“I don’t even pray for it for even MY ENEMY to Have It!”

That’s why I ’m creating this AWARENESS  to let those who have been in this kind of pains for people like you,  who are ready to listen to me. 

However, one thing you may not know is this.

Are you experiencing body or joint pains ?…...Then you need to listen to me.. because this can just be WILDFIRE that will be difficult to cure later........

How I effectively Treated My Embarrassing epilepsy and seizures by Treating the Root Cause.

Who am I? and why am I here?

You are at liberty to ask? and trust me, I shall answer. My name is Christian, I’m a formal Chronic Arthritis sufferer. If you think you have had it worse…trust me I have had it “worst”. I was condemned to use crutches and wheelchairs for the rest of my life. Back when I was still strong and healthy,  I love dancing, but tell you… Because my joints will “crack” and cause me more pain that a person who was hit by a trailer. Truth be said, you are the reason I am here. This platform gave me unlimited access to relate with a whole lot of people in dire need of my help. For the record, athritis is one of the most disturbing health conditions in the world. The best way i know I can reach and help people suffering from this condition is through the internet, because according to research, I discovered people would rather die in silence than talk about their embarrassing athritic condition because they don’t want to be at the receiving end of the stigma that accompany this embarrassing health condition.  Thankfully, the internet is faceless, it conceals your identity while you get your problem solved..

My dear, my kind of arthritis was a RARE on and is called “Rheumatoid Arthritis” which is a RARE kind of arthritis that attack all the body joints and bones!

This includes the joint!

  • This arthritis is so serious it affects the joint linings!
  • This arthritis is so serious it causes painful swelling!
  • This arthritis is so serious it causes bones erosion! This arthritis is so serious is causes join deformity!

“These pains usually RADIATES from your bone then EXTENDS to your MUSCLES, then signals are sent to your nerves

This is EXACTLY Why You Feel So Much Pain.

As the pain goes from one part of JOINT to another causing unbearable pains at night. 

This Gradually…over time…will WEAKEN your BONE.

And it CAUSED All of This, Especially the NIGHT PAINS AND GROANING! 

I used drugs upon drugs…painkillers upon painkillers…YET nothing to show for it! It made Me Depressed & Made Me an Introvert!

“And That's Why Prolong Arthritis Leads To Deformed, or Crippled, Or Not Being Able To Walk Well Or Even Hold Things”

“Truly the “Big Pharmaceutical” Companies are Big Scam”

Because most drugs are only meant to relieve you of the excruciating pain and not cure it.

So, i did further research on how to cure my Arthritis until i stumble on a New U.S.A Natural Supplement recommended by By George my friend in Arizona.

.........this supplement saves me from all forms of Joints and Backs Pains!

This was like a jackpot for me, considering years of pains and daily agony faced to sleep due to the pains from my Joints...... I won't wish my enemy this type of pain.

“This Supplement Can only be gotten from the company which is Located in U.S.A!”

 It stops all my joints pains. And heal all the painful places so that, with time, the pains will become unnoticeable.

  • And it Does all This in 30 days Flat WITHOUT Side Effect!” 
  • Now You will be able to finally hold things and walk freely without feeling pain like me.
  • Those swellings you have will be gone Forever. And all those terrible pain will be completely forgotten

What is this treatment?

At this point, let me introduce you to the Organic supplement for   JOINT AND BODY PAIN that worked for me and helped me regain my strength  without any side effects at all…

The promotional price is now GHS260

Take my words for this pack it really works perfectly.

After using and there is no resuly, bring the empty bottles and come for your money



Perfect for people who lead busy and active lifestyles.

These burnt-orange softgels are perfect for people who lead busy and active lifestyles, sport and fitness enthusiasts, maturing adults and those who work strenuous jobs.


Eggshells membrane powder, Stabiliser (polysorbate 20), coconut oil, curcuma longa, purifi­ed water, Anti-oxidant (DL-Alpha-Tocopherol), refi­ned soybean oil, Gelling agent (fish gelatine), Humectant (glycerine), Dilutant (puri­ed water), Colouring (glycerine, carob extract)

Allergy advise: See ingredients in bold.

Heat Lotion


Containing heating agents and cooling aloe, this rich emollient lotion provides blissful relief from everyday stresses and strains.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Aqua, Propanediol, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Oleate Citrate, Arginine, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil, Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Menthol, Methyl Salicylate, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Carbomer, Allantoin, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Ascorbic Acid, Hexylene Glycol, Citric Acid, Limonene, Linalool, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate


Store in a cool dry place away from children. Food supplements are intended to supplement the diet and should not be substituted for a varied diet or healthy lifestyle. Do not use if pregnant and/or breastfeeding or people takings anticoagulant drugs. Do not use if seal is broken. Do not exceed recommended dose.

Happy Stories From People Who Used This Treatment You Are About To Be Shown

Testimony 1

I cannot believe that I now sleep effortlessly without any drugs to help me. I am 52 years and a mother of 3 handsome boys. Just after the last child left for University, I started having sleepless nights due to joint pains. I met with my doctor and I was told it is normal for my age and he gave me some sleeping pills to assist me. I became tired of the sleeping pills and its side effects. But glory be to God for my women’s leader who introduced me to this great remedy that has cured my joint pains and sleepless night.MR FRANK from East Legon

Testimony 2

I’d been having a sharp pain in my knee for months, and it just didn’t want to go away. I refused to take any meds because I’d had really bad experiences with them. One of my friends recommended your product to me. What an eye-opener it was! It helped me reverse my pains and I am so happy now… the pains have gone. Abigail Nkuenyenutsu from HO

Testimony 3

I am a trader and I travel hours on road to buy goods for my shop. But for three years, I developed this waist and joint pains that causes sweeling on my legs after each trip that I had to stop my business. But thanks to my husband who saw this miracle product and bought it for me. I can now travel without fear of developing aches several times in a month. Madam Halen from KUMASI


Testimony 4

I was involved in an accident few months ago that took my driver’s life and i had a neck sprain. I was unable to turn my neck for months until my doctor introduced me to Forever Freedom. In less than a month, i was able to turn my neck and sleep well. After 3 months of consistent use, my neck is back and my skin is so fine that one would not even know i was involved in an accident. Madam Ruth Pokuah from Dansoman

Testimony 5

My daughter purchased your product for me. When I saw the title, I was very sceptical. I was told by my doctor that my condition (knee OA) was age-related, irreversible and I needed joint replacement surgery. Nevertheless, I used your product and started to follow your guidelines because I had nothing to lose. And to my biggest surprise my condition has improved a lot. Last raining season I had serious trouble walking. This time around I was able to travel all the way to Tamale onholiday with my daughter! Thank you for your great suplements. Micheal Gyamfi from kumasi

Before you start using this treatment, please try to note the frequency of your PAIN, and in exactly 3 weeks into the procedure, take note of the changes you experience. By now you would have noticed changes, but keep using it, and before the completion of this treatment, you would have gotten the result you desire. 

How sure are you about this treatment? this question should be at the back of your mind by now..

well, I am very certain about it because the same treatment delivered to me from this terrible embarrassing condition. 

How much does it cost and where can I get this treatment?

I know you would like to ask, but let me ask you this simple questions first;


1. How long have you suffered this Back Pain, Joint Pain And Arthritis Problems?


2. How much have you spent on treating this condition?


3. How long do you plan to live your daily life with this condition?


4. How much are you willing to spend on your monthly promise failing treatment?


5. would you go for your monthly routine treatment or go for a one time treatment solution and end this condition for life?

Delivery Terms & Conditions

Where and how to get this treatment should be your next question if i am correct. 
Anyways, you don’t have to stress and trouble yourself on how to get these treatment kit because we have decided to put your convenience first. It can be delivered to your doorstep FREE OF CHARGE and its also a PAYMENT ON DELIVERY SERVICE for those in Accra and PAYMENT AT THE POINT OF DELIVERY (that is, you will confirm from the driver who is coming to your location on phone and make the payment.)..

Please noteDo not fill this form for fun, if you are comfortable with the way you are with your bad cholesterol, and if you’re also not ready to end this health challenge, do not fill this form. we hate to deal with unserious people..

NOTE: Please be sure you are Fully ready for the pack and the money to pay at the point of delivery is available before you place your order.

promotion! promotion!! promotion!!! 

The promotional price is now GHS260


We respect your email privacy

NOTE: this offer is for a limited time. After the timer expires, the prices goes back to the normal price.

How is this different from what i have been using? you might want to ask.

Remember, I recommend you get the package to naturally reverse and Treat your arthritis.

Dr. Christian study showed that within 60 days, every participant had corrected their arthritis to almost normal levels, and reversed their condition. Around half reversed their bad cholesterol at 40 days. The fastest recorded was 38 days. So depending on factors like your back pain, the severity of your disease, and how committed you are to the supplement, most people will destroy their arthritis or joint pain in between 60 and 90 days.

  • This all-natural therapy does not have any side effect unlike the synthetic substances you are used to.
  • You don’t have to worry about Surgery, Sedatives or Embarrasment.
  • They offer effective and guaranteed solution.
  • The company behind these products are internationally recognised and well known natural organic Products
  • The products work…Guaranteed
  • They are FDA and NAFDAC Approved and Certified depending on your geographical region

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Does this treatment have side effect?

ANS: NO, it doesn’t have any side effect whatsoever. The composition of ingredients present in this treatment are organically cultivated fruits and herbs, which make them consumable unlike the other synthetically made treatments. 

 Ques: How long do i have to take this treatment before i start to see results?

ANS: As a matter of fact, you start noticing changes just few days into the treatment, provided you follow the prescribed dosage plan. 

 Ques: How much will i get it for if i make a purchase now?

ANS: You will get it at the discounted promo price if you make order now. 

Ques: Is the price negotiable?

ANS: NO, it is not negotiable because there is already a price reduction from.

Ques: Do i have to keep buying this treatment on a regular basis?

ANS: NO, you don’t have to. As a matter of fact, one time purchase of the ” 2 BOTTLES OF Arctic sea“ is enough to get you effective and significant result.

 Ques: How long does it take before i get my package when i make order?

ANS: Deliveries takes between 24 hours which is one day after order. 

Ques: How is the payment option like?

ANS:  its a PAYMENT ON DELIVERY SERVICE for those in Accra and PAYMENT AT THE POINT OF DELIVERY (that is, you will confirm from the driver who is coming to your location on phone and make the payment.).. for those outside Accra.

Ques: Is there anyone i can talk to for further clarifications?

ANS: Yes there is, kindly call or whatsapp us on (+233) 502084139


  • Your 1st Month with Arthritis solution pack: A lot of people say they have more energy on the very first day. You’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and well rested than you have had in years.
  • Your 2nd Month with  Arctic  Sea Capsules: A week from today, you’ll realize you’ve needed fewer sedatives. As you start into your second month with this solution, you’ll discover that it feels like there are more hours in the day, and you’re getting more done. The truth is, you’re so used to being exhausted all the time, that suddenly having energy feels fantastic. If you suffer from painful, tingling pain, you should notice that starting to disappear around the end of the second month.
  • Over the next couple months, as you finish the arthritis and joint solution pack, your back and joint will kick back into normal, and your body will remember how to absorb hormones. You’ll be able to stop taking shots and injections. You’ll be able to talk to your doctor, and see the surprised look on his face just like I saw on my doctor’s face when he saw my arthristis was healed.


Mr Christian - customer support

Tel: +233550448298

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